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Join My Team—fulfill your vision and dreams!

Millions of women and men have found their lives’ fulfillment in pursuing a career in direct selling, and Miche is a business based on helping each other work toward a common goal and fulfilling our individual visions and dreams. As an Independent Miche Representative, I feel enormous pride in my ability to positively impact the lives of people while doing something I absolutely love and believe in.

What are you looking for?

With Miche, you really can have it all–a rewarding and fun career as well as the time freedom to spend time with your family. There's no limit to what you can do! You are truly in control of your own destiny–and you do it with panache and style.

  • Flexible: You'll never have to choose between what you need and what you want.
  • Independent: You are your own boss. Always.
  • Secure: Miche Bag is an established, international business. You are in good hands!
  • Peace of Mind: Earning extra money is a very good thing… you'll sleep better at night.
  • Rewarding: You'll help oodles of women fall in love with their purses again. Yay!
  • Chic: We are always on the cutting-edge of style. Be a part of something beautiful.
  • Simple: Don't worry… we offer help and support every step of the way!
  • Fun: It really is!

Getting Started is Easy

With my support and encouragement you can start today and select a Starter Kit for as little as $149. It contains everything you need to be successful with your Miche business. In this kit you will find your business supplies and training materials along with samples of beautiful Miche Base Bags and Shells. You can earn up to 35% in commissions each month on the Miche products you sell.

As a Miche Representative, you will offer our unique line of products through Miche Parties, and help is available to you every step of the way! Representatives earn a commission based upon their sales. While commissions vary, they tend to be in the range of 25-35%. You already love our handbag, so why not also give yourself the potential to earn an excellent income by helping others fall in love with our bags too?

Joining Miche FAQ

Q. I’ve never owned my own business; can I be successful as a Miche Representative?

A. You are in good company! For the majority of Miche Representatives, this is their first experience being their own boss. With our support and the support of your Advisor, you can build a very successful business; just bring your enthusiasm and passion for the product. The sky is the limit—so dream big!

Q. What does it cost to get started as a Miche Representative?

A. For as little as $149* for your Miche Starter Kit, you are in business. The Starter Kit has everything you need to conduct a Miche Party, including product to show at your Parties and business supplies. You will also get your own personal website to help you place orders and manage your business.

Q. I would like to do the business part-time and work around my family and other activities. Is that possible with Miche?

A. Living the Miche LifeStyle is all about freedom. Having the freedom to work around your family and other priorities is very important. We encourage you to work the business when you want to, spending as much or as little time at it as you wish. Want more? Give yourself a raise by simply devoting a little more time to Miche.

Q. Will training be provided?

A. From the day you enroll you will be showered with support and Miche-style training! Your Quick-Start Guide in your Starter Kit walks you step-by-step through simple training and provides you with the resources you need to give you confidence and set you up for success. On your MyMiche website you will find Miche University— a complete library of training modules, forms and other materials designed to keep pace with you and provide just-in-time training when you need it—on your schedule.

Q. How much money can I make as a Miche Representative?

A. This is a great question and one that's very simple to answer. There is no limit to the amount you can make at Miche because you are in business for yourself! Simply put, the more time and effort you put into the business, and the more you develop your sales and leadership abilities, the more money you make. If you just want to make some extra income selling Miche Products, great! You can make up to 35% commission each month depending on the amount of product you sell. Interested in more from the business and perhaps want to replace your current work income? Consider building a team of Miche Representatives and becoming a leader with Miche. Now you are adding bonuses from the sales of your team to your monthly commissions. The larger your team sales, the more you earn! Help others move into Leadership and earn additional bonuses from those leaders and their teams.

*Starter Kit price does not include any applicable sales tax or shipping and handling.